I Tried Balayage Hair Dye At Hina Arif's

Feb 26 , 2018


I Tried Balayage Hair Dye At Hina Arif's

Coloring hair has been a trend in all ages in different forms; whether it's vibrant punk, emo darks, dip-dyes, colorful streaks, single streaks or highlights. For a subtle, trendy look, people went crazy about Ombre hair; this includes a process of bleaching the lower part of your hair and dying it with a lighter shade, which shows transition from dark (color of your hair) to light (chosen lighter color). 

However, bleaching and its results, often make women stop and re-think their decision to go through with the dye. Ending up with temporary fashionable hair isn't worth the permanent frizzy, hard and dry chaos that only has one solution: A dramatic haircut. 

But with the progress of time, hair color techniques have also progressed to find a way around the damage. "Balayage" is a safer way to bring natural-looking highlights to your hair with low maintenance and no "dirty hair" after-effects.  

I recently got mine done, so there's first-hand experience that I'm providing here. I heard of many stylists doing Balayage, but by looking at their results, I was unsure of whether they really knew how to bring the kind of effect I wanted (and saw from my various internet searches) or if they'd just dye it a horrible blonde – which in my opinion, Pakistani women should refrain from. The Pinterest images I took as reference and the images I saw of Balayage done at various local salons were not even a little close. So be very careful where you choose to go and get your hair color done from.

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