Protect Your Skin with Clear Nail Polish

Jul 10 , 2019


Protect Your Skin with Clear Nail Polish

So, I've noticed on twitter that some of you guys have jewelry problems, either them leaving a green stain on your skin or having an allergic reaction to I have a quick tip for you all... 


It is a lifesaver, when i tried this out I was skeptical but it works... I always love to wear rings during university but my finger away turned green due to the sweat and humidity here.. 

So, I use O.P. I’s Top Coat. This works great because it will dry really quick, for other polishes you might need to wait a few mins for it to dry.

So, what I do is I use a paint brush, I prefer using a stiff brush so it will coat the piece evenly.


Now you can do this if you are allergic to certain metals. This works great on earrings! I haven't tried this on necklaces though. I do one coat and then once it dries I do a second coat. 

Just make sure you DO NOT leave it to dry on a piece of paper, you want to use some plastic sheet so that the polish will not stick on the paper.

So, I hope this tip is useful for you all! Have you tried this technique before? If so let me know and if you haven't…Are you willing to try it out?

Have a beautiful day!


Credit: Sidrah Beauty

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